Multiscale Atmosphere-Geospace Environment Model

MAGE will span the domains of geospace, from the lower atmosphere to the thermosphere-ionosphere, to the different regions of the magnetosphere. It will resolve global dynamics and critical mesoscale processes throughout geospace with highly precise numerical techniques. MAGE will be made available for community use via a permissive open-source license.

The diagram below is the long-term vision for the MAGE model. As part of the CGS activities in Phase I, the team as assessed the technical details, feasibility and the timeline for specific model couplings to be implemented in Phase II. Also, during Phase I, the CGS team has already fully two-way coupled GAMERA, RCM and TIEGCM models (the latter is to be replaced with WACCM-X in Phase II). This configuration constitutes MAGE 1.0. In addition, separate leveraged efforts are underway connecting other MAGE components, such as WACCM-X/SAMI3 coupling, TS07d-GAMERA coupling and IPWM incorporation into MAGE.