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Tristen Wanner

Tristen D. Wanner is a dedicated researcher and aspiring physicist specializing in space physics and electromagnetics. Tristen is currently enrolled in a Direct-PhD Program in Electrical Engineering with a concentration in electromagnetics while engaged in a graduate research assistantship with SuperDARN at Virginia Tech and being contracted with NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center, Heliophysics Department. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Space Physics with a Minor in Applied Mathematics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Tristen has a background in analyzing the effects of geomagnetic storms, investigating the auroral oval boundary, and studying soliton and solitary wave theory. Tristen's research and his research contributions have been presented at prestigious conferences and symposiums such as AGU and NERC. Alongside academic pursuits, Tristen has gained diverse experience, including military training, tutoring undergraduate math and physics, and providing teaching assistance in thermodynamics and statistical mechanics. With a passion also for game-development, blacksmithing, and international relations, Tristen brings a well-rounded perspective to scientific exploration.