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Alexey Kuvshinov

Expertise: Theory, Modeling
Science area: Geoelectric field, GIC
Short bio: Alexey Kuvshinov holds a professorship at ETH Zürich (ETH), Switzerland, leading the electromagnetic (EM) induction group. Prof. Kuvshinov has worked in the area of EM induction for more than 30 years. He has been developing mathematical approaches, algorithms, and software to simulate and invert EM fields and responses in spherical and Cartesian Earth models with three-dimensional (3-D) conductivity distribution for a wide range of applications, including magnetotelluric, induction logging, controlled-source EM, global EM induction, and space weather. He leads several projects, including those supported by the Swiss Science Foundation and the European Space Agency. Dr. Kuvshinov and his group collaborate with CGS scientists on developing a quantitative understanding of the generation of geomagnetically induced currents (GIC) at multiples scales. His group uses the MAGE model to drive their EM induction codes to produce highly resolved GICs (down to <100 km) on the ground in response to strong solar disturbances.