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Kathryn McWilliams

Expertise: Data
Science area: Ionosphere, magnetosphere
Short bio: Dr. McWilliams is a Professor in the Department of Physics and Engineering Physics at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada. She is currently the Chair of the international SuperDARN collaboration and the Director of the SuperDARN Canada National Research Facility. Her research interests focus on the large-scale dynamics of magnetosphere and ionosphere convection. She also has an interest in developing space-based education for undergraduate and graduate students, including being a partner in the CaNoRock program and the project lead on the International Space Mission Training Program, both Canada-Norway collaborations. Prof. McWilliams research interests are closely aligned with the CGS goals. She is interested in the MAGE development and data-model comparisons of the ionospheric electrodynamics. She is also interested in developing synergies between the CGS broadening impacts programs and her student education and training activities.